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Car Shipping - Compare between Closed & Open Auto Transport Trailers

The comparison between closed and open auto transport trailers at times can be somewhat flawed, especially if you look at the many articles over the internet that often state that open trailers are still the best and that they are the most economical. Yet, if you think about it, it is very economical, such as biking is good for the health, the environment and financially friend as well. However, when going to work, would you rather bike to work and check in sweaty or would you rather take a ride in the car that you've worked so hard for and pay for gas and put up with traffic and arrive less stressed, and with less sweat? The answers, would probably be, a no-brainer.

This is why, the argument and comparison between these two trailers are flawed and which is why, more and more people are getting confused about auto transport and car shipping these days. Though, fact is, the comparison would only be valid if the discrepancy in terms of cost was a little higher and fact is, a closed car shipping trailer would cost twice as much as an open one. Fact is, that is not much, considering that a lot of people have huge budgets when it comes to shipping their cars to another residence or to their new place. Besides, there an open trailer can be quite dangerous as well, especially if and ever your car is something that you treasured and there's a huge chance it might be hijacked as well.

In the end, it still depends upon your choice though and how you plan to proceeding into the transport of your car. Still, if you have the money to burn, then, it is best to go with a closed auto shipping trailer so that you end up getting the most out of your money. Besides, there's not much difference in terms of time taken to transport your vehicle or vehicles, and safety should be something that you shouldn't cut costs in, which is why, a closed trailer definitely is worth the money and added cost.

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