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MovingQuotesIf you're planning a move sometime soon, there are some simple thoughts and ideas to make the day go smoother and reduce your stress levels about whole process. These include getting a Moving Guide (whether you find one online or get one from your moving company), and getting multiple moving quotes so you're sure you're getting a good price for the service, giving you peace of mind.

Moving Quotes
It's a good idea to get several before choosing a mover to assist you. Whether you're moving across the country, across town, or somewhere in between, you want to understand what services you're paying for and what a reasonable fee is to do it. Requirement will definitely vary if you're moving a large home's worth of things across country versus a one bedroom apartment's contents a few blocks away.

If you need full service from your mover (like packing all or most of your belongings, loading and unloading the truck at the destination, driving, and unpacking, etc.), be sure everything is included in your quote. On the other hand, if you just need to rent a truck to drive yourself and your belongs a short distance, the pricing can still very greatly. So, call various companies and check rates online. That way you'll be comfortable with the price you're paying for the services you need. There's no need to pay more for a big name company if the smaller guy is reputable and provides the same service for less money.

A Moving Guide
Once you've chosen a mover, they'll most likely provide you with this helpful list of tips and schedules to help make your move go smoothly. (If they don't provide one, several helpful versions can be found with a simple online search.) A week by week guide is really helpful when you're moving a larger home (with several rooms of furniture) to a long distance destination. Long distance moves often require more planning to be sure you're covered on all fronts, including locating a new home, scheduling utility connections, forwarding mail, and planning for any travel arrangements that you may need in the mean time (such as hotels, car rentals, etc.) while you're waiting for your belongings to arrive.

While shorter distance moves have many of the same steps involved, it's often easier to transfer utilities, rent a truck or local movers, and pick things up yourself in your own vehicle, so a guide is still helpful, but there may be many steps that won't apply. The good thing about local moves is it's much easier to take care of last minute decisions or even things your forgot about ahead of time since you're in the same locality (or somewhere nearby) and you can more easily access people or services to take care of things quickly.

So, relieve stress completely (or at least reduce it) by keeping these things in mind. Moving should be an exciting time -- a new beginning -- and you should enjoy the process, not find it a chaotic and stressful time that you'd just rather forget.


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