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MovingTipsOnce the decision to move has been made, things do not get any easier. Money is always an issue. You might think that moving shouldn't be that expensive, but there can be a lot of hidden costs that you end up paying if you are not careful. Then there is the matter of packing up everything and making sure it is all ready to be shipped off to your new home. There are also records to consider including school and medical records that can take some time to get. Although stressful, there are many ways to help reduce that stress during the whole process as the moving tips that follow will explain.

Starting out, you should make out a moving estimate so that you can budget your expenses. Take all things into consideration. This includes packing materials (boxes, tape, packing peanuts), rental truck fees, and maybe even shipping fees. There is also the chore of turning off your utilities. Most of the time, those companies need the request in advance so they can disconnect by a certain date. If you do not put the request in early enough, you could be charged up to another full month's utility bill. Do not forget about your cable bill or internet bill.

Packing everything you own into boxes that are labeled and hopefully sorted is never a fun task for anybody. Before you even start, make sure that you have enough boxes and enough tape. Nothing is as discouraging as having to stop in the middle of packing to go buy more materials. Don't forget about the packing peanuts or newspaper. It would not do to arrive at your new home and find the things you so carefully packed broken. Always pack the non-essentials first while trying to save the items that are used everyday for the last minute packing. This also takes a lot of time, so make sure you start packing early.

One of the main things not to forget about while preparing for your move is remembering to request all the records you need. If you are lucky, you will not have to keep a copy of these records on your person, but instead, have them sent ahead of you so that when you do arrive at your new destination, they will be there waiting for you. If you have children, or are in the middle of college, make sure that you collect (or send ahead) all relevant files that are needed to start over in the new city. Medical records are a biggy. Sometimes you have to pay for these records and these also take the longest to collect. Especially if you have several different types of doctors. Find out what the prices are and their policies for faxing your information ahead of you. Make sure you leave enough time to work out problems that may arise.

Keeping these few tips in mind can save a lot of headaches down the road. Of course, you probably will not remember everything and once you get to your new place you will remember that one thing that you forgot to get or do. These tips try to minimize that from happening and to keep moving from being outright stressful.

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